Online Benefit Resources


PATH Benefits Portal

View all employer contributions, health and welfare claims and history.


John Hancock Annuity

Check your balance, view/change investments and see performance of all available funds. (JW & AW)


Family Medical Care Plan

Construction Wiremen and Electricians participate in Plan 14. Use this site to view plan highlights.

Delta Dental

Register to view plan info, download forms, view claims, track dental activity and request dental cards. (JW & AW)



All members participate in NEBF, a defined benefit pension. Construction Wiremen and Electricians participate in NEAP, a defined contribution annuity. Use this site to view service credits, monthly benefit estimates, and annuity balance.


BeneCard PBF Member Portal

This site gives you access to your prescription benefit, cost saving tools and important healthcare news. (JW & AW)

Davis Vision Fashion Advantage Gold

This site is for your Davis Vision coverage. Register to request vision cards, find in-network providers and view the benefit booklet. (JW & AW)



Journeymen and Apprentices can use this site to find in-network healthcare providers.