Why IBEW Local 607?

You deserve an equal place across the table from your employer. This is how a fair agreement is negotiated between IBEW Local Union 607 and the local division of NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association). An equal number of management representatives and labor representatives come to a fair agreement which is of benefit to both parties. If you are paid the prevailing wage, you are paid the fairly negotiated wage agreed upon between electrical workers and their employers. If you work on a prevailing wage job within IBEW Local Union 607 Jurisdiction you received a raise on September 1st, 2019. ($34.15 hourly wage and $24.88 fringe benefits) We believe this is the wage and benefit package that you deserve every day. A fair day's pay for a fair day's work!

Your shop can become a union shop. The result will be a higher standing for you and you coworkers, and your employer will be among thousands of successful union electrical contractors, including dozens in this area. Complete this simple form, and we will share more information about joining.

Even if your employer keeps you on prevailing wage jobs, there are other fairly negotiated benefits that they are not required to provide. Below are some of those examples and a Retirement Table you can use to find out what kind of retirement you could be working toward.


Premium Pay for Foremen and Annual Raises for Every Worker

If you are acting as a foreman on a "rate job," chances are you are being paid the same as the workers you are directing. IBEW signatory contractors working in the jurisdiction of Local Union 607 pay foremen an additional $3.00/hour. General Foremen are paid an additional $4.50/hour. 

All union electrical workers on these jobs get an annual raise on September 1st. When non-union employers are awarded a prevailing wage job, they are now required to give electricians the annual raise as well. This means that beginning September 1, 2019 you will be paid $34.15/hour and $24.88 in fringe benefits. Sept. 1, 2020 the rate will increase to $35.15/hour and $25.69 fringe benefits. This is required by state law. If you have a concern about how you are being paid, please contact us.

You should never be paid laborers’ scale for doing electricians’ work.


Sick & Accident, Economic Hardship, Dues Relief, Short-term Disability and Death Benefits

According to the Social Security Administration, one in four workers will be disabled for three or more months during their careers. If one of our members is unable to work due to an illness or accident, we have a fund to provide financial relief. This fund is well established and has existed for many years. There is also a fund in place to pay the member's union dues and our excellent health care includes Short-term Disability benefits, Accidental Death/Dismemberment and an Economic Hardship safety net to cover premiums.


Better Retirement Options

It is likely that your employer is putting all of your retirement contributions into a 401(k) and only matching some percentage of your own out-of-pocket contribution on "shop rate" jobs. As a member, you will enjoy not only an annuity with world class investment options, but also two defined benefit pensions which provide income for life. As for the monthly dues your employer my have warned you about, they get you an additional lifelong pension benefit that alone will pay enough in the first nine years of your retirement to give you back every penny you've paid in monthly dues. Follow the link to see what kind of retirement you could be working toward.