Looking for a skilled career in the electrical industry?

Or do you want to improve conditions in your current job? Looking for fair pay, decent benefits, an opportunity to grow? On-the-job respect?

A union of 750,000 members, the IBEW is the largest organization of electrical workers in North America. Formed in 1891, we have earned our reputation as the oldest, largest and most professional electrical union in the world. We are on the job at construction sites, power plants, factories, offices, shipyards, TV studios and rail yards.


"I heard all of the stereotypes about unions; “you’ll have to travel all over to find work” or “the union just wants your dues money”. Personally, I work hard, and I show up on time ready to work. I was being paid well so I didn’t think the union had anything to offer me. What frustrated me was the better the employer did the harder it got for me. The jobs would fall behind schedule, we would never have enough workers, or there were constant mistakes by new hires, temp workers, and incompetent electricians. The owner was always at odds with someone and it would be up to me to deal with the problems. I finally could not take it any longer and I called the union.

Turns out all of the stereotypes were wrong. Since joining the union I get to work with qualified electricians, it makes me more productive and the working environment is a lot safer. Running work is more professional, there is no need to cover up or lie for the owner. Throw in better wages, better benefits, better training, and this is truly the best move I ever made and more importantly I actually travel less which gives me more time to spend with my family."


"I was organized 21 years ago. I became a member when my contractor was organized by the union. I didn’t want to be union and when I first heard about it I told the owner I was going to quit. I considered myself to be a good electrician and I knew I had the ability to go anywhere to get a job. The owner asked me to give it a chance and to attend a meeting with the union representatives. They explained how everyone would be evaluated to determine their pay scale. They evaluated me and said I need additional training. I didn’t like it but when they began showing me all of the stuff I need to learn I started to realize that maybe some training was going to benefit me. I was right I was a good electrician but now I am proud to say I am an IBEW Journeyman Wireman and to me those words have come to mean I am a professional."


"If you are considering joining the union, when I was first approached by the union I was very reluctant. I felt pretty secure were I was working and my sense of loyalty would kick in whenever the union came around. I didn’t think the union had anything to offer me. The organizer would stop at the job and tell us how my employers’ shop rate was substandard and how much better the benefits were, but I tried to let it go in one ear and out the other. I guess one day I got fed up, I was working too hard for too little and I just had enough.
I called the organizer and asked him to meet us on a job site. I was still a skeptic but I was ready to listen. Believe me when I tell you it was the best choice I could have made. The union treats everyone as equals. The level of ability is so much better because they are constantly offering training for everyone.
I encourage you do not hesitate! My only regret is waiting two years to join."


"I remember when the organizer first approached me and began telling my partner Ken and I about the advantages of being union. I had been a member of a union for 17 years and lost my job when imported goods put us out of business. My partner was much younger but we shared the same frustrations of only making eight dollars per hour. On rate jobs we were being cheated because the employer would only pay laborer rate. Adding insult to injury we had to work ten hours for eight hours pay. When the union came around it didn’t take much to interest me. Unfortunately, the initial organizing attempt failed and Ken and I lost our jobs, but the union kept their word. I was evaluated and it was recommended I enter the apprenticeship program. The training was great because you work and earn good money while attending a class at night every week. Being older attending classes was intimidating at first, but after classes started it was actually pretty easy.
I’m turning 65 very soon and I plan on retiring, I’ll have a little less than twenty years in the union but the retirement benefits are so good I can afford to retire.
Listen, I guarantee you that my future would be totally different without the union. Oh by the way, that nonunion contractor I worked for, they signed with the union a year later and today they are one of our biggest employers."


"I probably have a tendency to be a little more stubborn than most people and when the union came around I was not talking to them. The organizer would come to the job and pass out flyers and I would just shove them in my lunch box never thinking my wife was going to read them. One Saturday my wife asked me about the union. She told me I should at least check out what the union could do for us. I told her I was not interested and I was happy right where I was at. She said I should reconsider and at least check it out. So, I called the union organizer and asked him what the union was all about. To be honest, I liked everything he said, I tried to find things to disagree with but I couldn’t. Still my cautious nature meant took me a few more meetings before I joined.  
The process was simple, I was evaluated and classified as a Journeyman and they sent me to work. No surprises, just great wages, great benefits and a happy wife. There literally is no downside."


"I highly recommend joining the union. My personal history is I went to electrical shop in high school and got an associate degree from Triangle Tech and got a job working for a non-union contractor from Turbotville. I had been employed 2 years and was still only making eleven dollars per hour with eighteen thousand dollars in student loans. The owner kept cheating us on overtime and if you spoke up? Well, let’s just say no one spoke up.
When the union organizer came around I was looking for a way to improve my situation. I was evaluated and they told me I would be better off as a first year apprentice year despite having gone to Triangle Tech. The good thing was the training was free and I received a higher pay scale to account for my experience. The biggest bonus was the benefits didn’t come out of my paycheck anymore. I actually doubled my income the day I joined. The union has given me a good life, and it keeps getting better. Take my advice, Join today."